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Alchemy Crystal Healing for the Soul and Body

Earth's consciousness assists humanity in awakening and discovering ancient, lost healers. Because crystals can interact with universal energies to allow healing and integration, they are included in the Mineralogical Kingdom. Each crystal has a personality unique to it that can be used for new purposes in order to understand Earth's natural order. Nature's beautiful gift is available in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies due to their unique mineral content and geometry. These crystals may be used as healing tools find more.

It involves the use of healing tools, such as crystals and gemstones to activate specific points on your feet. The chakra can be improved by placing a crystal with a similar color. You can also hold the crystals in your hands or on the third eye to receive information. They are holistic healers who work on all parts of your body.

As crystals are inherently perfect conductors of electromagnetic energy, they interact with the vibrational energy of the human body. The research has shown that certain crystals carry vibrations, which can trigger energy centres in our body. Minerals that are healing in nature can also be found in some crystals. These crystals are widely used in modern medicine. They are also piezoelectric crystals, which produce electricity or light by compression. Additionally, crystals can produce sound waves. Crystal healers as well as shamans knew that crystals could focus light or sounds vibrations to create concentrated rays of healing. They can assist in resolving dis-ease and aligning subtle energies.

Before the beginning of civilization, crystals were used and revered. For thousands of year, the connection between crystals and certain organs of the body or parts has been well established. These connections are based on both Western Astrology or Eastern Astrology. Ayurvedic Medicine, a form of Indian medicine, and Chinese Medicine believe crystals could cure certain ailments. In the Christian Bible, crystals are mentioned over 200 times. These crystals were found in Babylonia’s ancient ruins and in tombs of Egyptian and Chinese rulers. Many early Earth civilizations used quartz crystals for sacred ceremonies, such as Aztec, Mayan Aztec and American Indian.

While healing is ultimately up to each individual, crystals can be used to aid in the healing. You don't even have to know the type of crystal you prefer. If you follow your instinct, you can choose the crystal that best represents its essence. These powerful, crystallike beings may be able to serve as sacred tools that help us on our individual paths. Crystal healing, a combination of crystal energy and vibrations within our core, is an alchemical method that activates divine clearness.

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