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Ayahuasca Retreat Peru Dreamglade Welcomes to The World of Relaxation

Dreamglade, for example, is a stunning Ayahuasca retreat that offers many reasons to spend your holidays in Peru. This place, which features a Shamanic healing center on the lakeside in the heart the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest is an exceptional place to stay. It is just an hour drive from Iquitos. This place is well-known for its safe and supportive Ayahuasca ceremonies, flowerbaths, and plant diets. The Shipibo Curandera Estella Pongosa Sinacay oversees the ceremony. It doesn't matter if you're planning a week-long vacation or a longer stay, there will be something for you every day. You can also find a way for your body and mind to heal in a way that is unlike any other. The following facilities and services are available for related site:

Transport by 4x4 to/from the Healing Center is free and comfortable
Ayahuasca ceremonies offer free pick-up at the airport three times per semaine.
If the resident Curandera, or traditional Shamanic healer, recommends it as a 'dieta' one or more traditional plants
Plant/flower baths, one-on-1 healing sessions with the curandera
Individually prepared steam baths containing medicinal plant steam for guests having difficulty opening up to ayahuasca
All meals and accommodation on the lakeside, with modern bathrooms.
Free laundry service, free swimming in the lake and English/Spanish translations
To help you understand the process better, we offer counseling and informative jungle walks

There are many other options available to make your holidays fun and exciting. To reach this destination, you just need to choose the right plan and go through the itinerary. Ayahuasca retreats are available in Peru, which will keep you captivated for many years to come. To enjoy the fun and make the most of your vacations to improve your health, spirituality, and overall well-being, all you need is to go online and find the right retreat for you.

Numerous reputable travel agencies have made great strides in providing details on these tourist destinations. This will make your holidays more exciting and keep you intrigued. Choose the best one for you and trust the professionals to do the rest. They will go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied and provide you with the best possible solutions and services.

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