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Common mistakes made when choosing a party rental company

Many bouncy-castle makers claim that it's easy to get started in the party-rental business, and anyone can make "easy money" renting just one or even two inflatables on weekends. Many people made money but others failed. To run a successful party rental company, you need dedication and an intelligent approach. The owners of new party rental businesses are making the exact same mistakes, which is why they disappear so quickly. If you're still considering this type of business, we can tell you that it usually pays off. Avoid these mistakes if you want to see your business grow steadily in the future. Continue reading?

1. Keep doing your paperwork

Do not assume that because your business is smaller, you do not need to follow the same rules as bigger companies. Before you buy inflatables, create a strategy for your business. Create a customer database and track your inventory once you get a first client. It may be tedious but this paperwork is essential to keep organized. This paperwork also contains valuable information for the growth of your business.

2. Always prioritize safety

All businesses renting out amusement rides and party rentals place safety as their top priority. Accidents and injuries can result in lawsuits and, in some cases, even closure. Even positive reviews that are negative can hurt your business. It may cause potential clients to switch from your business to a competitor.

3. It is essential to have liability insurance

Insurance companies are unwilling to pay for bounce houses due to their high cost. It can cause their business to fail. Even if your efforts to avoid accidents are successful, you should be prepared for them. In some cities or states, it may be illegal to operate your business without having liability insurance. Customers are more inclined to trust an insured company.

4. Register Your Business as an LLC

Forming an LLC will protect your finances and assets. The company will then be able to legitimize your business with clients. If your business is involved in a lawsuit, you would not be sued, but your company.

5. You can get help from your family and friends

Even if you want to save money by hiring employees, it's not possible for you to do all the work yourself. Inflatables for commercial use are usually heavy and difficult to handle. Each inflatable unit can weight hundreds of pounds. All the physical work will require assistance. Your family member or friend may be able to help you with your website and maybe even take bookings. You can ask for help!

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