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Crystal Clear Water – The Water Softener

The iSpringRCC7 water softener is a leader in its field. This is one of the most effective water softeners, as it uses reverse osmosis to eliminate hard minerals and pollutants from water. Let's first examine what makes the iSpringRCC7 so unique, discover more.

Using a reverse osmosis 5-stage system, the iSpringRCC7 will purify your water. This method combines carbon block filtering, sediment filtration and reverse osmosis. This water softener is also able to handle the most busy households with its capacity of 75 gallons a day.

The iSpringRCC7 is truly unique because of its cutting edge design. The water softener is a compact package which fits underneath your sink. This makes it an ideal choice for those with limited space. Installation and maintenance are also a breeze thanks to the simple and user-friendly instructions and interface.

Another unique feature of the iSpringRCC7 water softener is its effectiveness. This water softener has a ratio of waste water to pure water that is 1:1. It's very efficient and ensures minimal water wastage. You can also enjoy pure, clean water for up to a year without having to replace the filter.

All of these features are useless if your iSpringRCC7 is not able to remove hard minerals. But don't worry! This water softener eliminates hard minerals and pollutants, and leaves water without unattractive stains.

The iSpringRCC7 water softener is a powerful device that does it all. The compact size of the iSpringRCC7, its effectiveness, efficiency and ease-of-use make it a great choice for every home. You can enjoy drinking water free of hard minerals and impurities thanks to reverse osmosis.

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