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Do You Believe in Stones’ Healing Power?

When I begin talking about crystals, and the healing power that stones have, some people think I'm very odd - click for source. If I'm truthful, I think some people think that I'm very odd. However, I think what I'm trying say is that you are not alone if your not certain about stones, gems, or crystals. What they do and how they can affect you, your health, or any other situation.

Here's a quick overview: Crystals are formed in and around the earth from either mineral deposits, high temperature, compression or volcanic activity. You might think that some look like rocks, which you might be correct. You might believe that some are beautiful when polished and would love to own jewellery made of them. Examples include rubies or diamonds. Some are easily available and readily accessible, but others are more scarce or difficult to mine and therefore are highly prized and sought-after.

The topic of crystal healing, the healing properties and healing properties of stones such as amethyst or boji stones, is a little more complex. Some will believe crystals could have an affect on you. Other people won't. While some of you may be open to being convinced, others are unlikely to. I'm not going to judge you on the topic of crystals. I can be happy to state that you have the power to believe what you wish, and I know exactly what I experience.

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