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Esnc’s Guide for the Modern Gentleman: Signature Scents

Esnc has a wide range of scents to choose from, all of which cater for the varied tastes of today's gentleman. The perfect scent is more than just a pleasant smell. It's also an expression of who you are, your sense of style and your personal taste. Check this out.

1. Oceanic Opulence - Azure Breeze : Azure Breeze will take you to the very heart of the ocean. This fragrance is a combination of aquatic notes, citrus zest and base notes of musk. Perfect for a beach day or a casual outing.

2. Urban Elegance Metropolitan Night Metropolitan Night embodies the spirit of the urban warrior. Imagine the mysterious, smokey vibes that a city bustling at night has captured. The scent has top notes that are spicy pepper with an earthy base note of vetiver.

3. Forest Whimsy by Nature's Whisper is a tranquilizer that embraces the beauty of nature. This fragrance has a harmony of woody, spiced notes and floral undertones. The scent is like walking through a mystical, ancient forest. Ideal for the man seeking peace in nature.

4. Vintage Vetiver, a timeless classic: Classics are timeless and Vintage Vetiver proves it. The traditional vetiver scent is combined with tobacco notes and subtle layers of bergamot. This fragrance is perfect for a gentleman who values the classic sophistication of a good scent.

5. Bold and Beautiful- Crimson Zest. For men who are not afraid to be different, Crimson Zest has a blend of cardamom spice, vanilla sweetness, and bold leather notes. The fragrance is bold and strong, ideal for the man with confidence who demands attention.

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