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Fence Cleaning and Maintenance – Necessary Information

When you are unsure of how to clean the fence, this can cause frustration. The Fence Company AZ will give you the necessary information to keep your fence in good condition. You will learn how to properly clean the fence in each section.


Resources Needed :

Water Hose

A bucket full of detergent water or a spray bottle with vinyl cleaner.

Use soft cloth to clean your rags

* A soft scrubber (for dirt or tough stains)

Levels Of Difficulty:

The vinyl fencing is easy to clean. Some stains can be difficult and require some elbow grease.

Recommended Period for Cleaning Vinyl Fences:

If you want to get maximum results from your vinyl fence, clean it at least 3 - 6 times per year.


The vinyl fence may require cleaning for several reasons. For example, dirt and/or grass cuttings from the yard can accumulate onto the fence. Also, after a heavy storm you might find leaves and debris on your fence. This is not a major issue and it can be removed easily.

It is very easy to clean vinyl fences with just a simple water spray. However if you encounter some difficult stains, please follow the steps below.

In order to properly clean vinyl fences, you'll need to determine whether or not you're going to use either a bucket with soapy tap water or a cleaning solution for vinyl (available in your local hardware stores) or combine both. Use a bucket to mix a safe, environmentally friendly solution with your water. (TIP: If you are using an environmentally-safe ,... This vinyl fence is environmentally friendly.

When you have your bucket filled with soapy, warm water, wet your cloth and use it to wipe down any areas that require cleaning. When using vinyl cleaning spray, spray only the parts of the fence to be cleaned. Then wipe the surface with a clean soft rag. You can clean an area with the hose after you finish cleaning.


Resources Needed :

• Water Hose and Power Washer for deep cleaning.

Wood Stain NOT Paint

You can use wood cleaner or bleach as a cleaning agent

• Plastic sheets to protect the grass below fence - Optional

Levels and Difficulties:

*4 or 5 -- Cleaning a fence made of wood can be much easier than what we've mentioned depending on your type of cleaning and the quantity of it.

The Recommended Period for Cleaning Wood Fences:

If you want to get maximum results, it is recommended that your wooden fence be cleaned and stained every 3 years.


IF your wood fence has a cedar finish, you might see that the paint/stain starts to dull and, regardless of which type you have, a mould may appear. This article will describe how you can fix the problems to make your wood fencing look new.

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