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Here is the Beginner’s Perfume guide for men: Discover your own signature scent

A man's perfume is an integral part of grooming. The basics are important to learn if you're just starting out in fragrance or want to build a collection. You will learn the fundamentals of scent for men, like how to pick a fragrance or decipher the jargon. Sign up now.

Fragrance Jargon For Men You Should Know. Before diving into men's scents, it helps to know some of the common terms.

First Notes: These are the first scents that you will notice when you apply perfume. These scents tend to evaporate quickly.

After the top note is gone, middle notes are released. Middle notes have a longer lasting effect and are the main part of any fragrance.

Notes at the base: The last notes of the fragrance. This scent has a rich, deep and lasting fragrance.

The following terms will help you make an informed choice about perfume.

The different scent families for men's fragrance are available. Each fragrance family has a specific purpose and appeal. This is a quick breakdown of some popular fragrance families.

Citrus notes are common in these fragrances, such as lemon, grapefruit and bergamot.

You will love the earthy woody smell if you enjoy cedarwood sandalwood and/or vetiver.

Oriental: Oriental fragrances usually have an exotic and spicy scent with cinnamon, vanilla or incense. Wear them at night.

This fresh and invigorating scent includes notes of green and marine. It is ideal to wear every day.

You must know the best way to store and apply your perfume once you find it. Here are a few simple tips.

If you use it on the areas where perfumes are concentrated like the wrists, the neck, and the chest, the scent will last longer.

Avoid rubbing the wrists with perfume after application as this may alter its composition.

To get maximum effect, avoid direct sunlight.

Finding the right men's perfume is both rewarding and fun. This guide provides you with the necessary tools for navigating men's cologne. Your choice of perfume should reflect your personal style. Discover a scent that matches your personality.

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