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How Do I grow Mushrooms? Oyster Mushrooms: Easy to Grow and a Great Start

China may be the top oyster mushroom-producing country in the entire world. But more and people are finding out how easy they can grow their own. Oyster mushrooms are a fun and rewarding hobby. Once the processing area is correctly set-up, the grower will only need to carry out some simple maintenance in order to stimulate proper mushroom development. Click buy shrooms online to read more.

It is possible to grow mushrooms indoors as well as outdoors. In order to set up a mushroom garden, the process involves choosing oyster mushrooms for propagation, preparing the container or location and caring for the mushrooms. If you are going to grow oyster mushrooms in a container, choose mushrooms which have a base stem.

A handful of wood shavings (like pet bedding) should be put in a small wet paper bag to start the cultivation of oyster mushrooms. The mushroom will start to grow at the stem base. Simple cut off the stem bottom and place inside wet paper bag. Fold over the top gently and place the bag in another wet-paper bag that also contains wet wood shavings.

This bag can be folded and then placed into a small plastic container. For three months, the container must be left in the crisper section of a refrigerator. It is during this time that the stems of mushrooms sprout, ready for you to plant a small mushroom patch.

When the mushroom base is ready to flower, after 3 months the bedding needs to be made for the garden. Substrate is the name of the material the mushrooms grow on. In order to sterilize the straw, you can use a 10/1 mixture of water with peroxide. You should moisten your straw with the peroxide. A gardener may then add a little straw, some of the mushroom mix and a bag made from plastic to an empty freezer.

Fill in layers alternately with straw and base of mushrooms. You should pour out the excess water. It is important to keep the bag at temperature. Gardeners should cut tiny holes or an x into the bag when the seeds inside the bag turn white. It will then flower from the bag hole. A lot of mushroom farmers like to keep a bag hanging in the cooking area and use it for picking mushrooms.

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