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How to make a great blog post: Don’t follow the crowd, be creative

Many people want to create a blog. A blog is about the content, not the look. It is a mistake to spend too much time focusing on the ads and look. This will leave you with one huge headache: Google white space. What's the next step? It is likely that you will give in and your grand plans to make a lot of money with a great blog will disappear. Remember that patience is your friend when you are creating a blog. The uniqueness and quality of your posts is another key aspect. You are now ready to think of tindle and associates  for your blog post.

When you think about this, most people only care about the money, keywords, Google, advertisements, and appearance. No matter how great and clean your blog is, no one will find it. Nobody is going to just visit your blog and click some ads. What do you do if there are a lot of ads on your site? Avoid them. It's all about the writing. But money isn't out of the picture. You will fail if you fixate too much on the money. Writing is a passion. Instead of focusing on the amount of money you will make, think about how your post will impact others. One great post can make a million blog posts cluttered with keywords.

Don’t follow the crowd.

There are many people who share the same interests with the same keywords. They also use the same ads. By attaching yourself to this long list, you are only allowing others to compete for the top Google search result. It is easy to end up spending money on software such as keyword tools and article submission software. It seems like everyone is doing the exact same thing, and they are all just trying to make more money. It doesn't make sense to create a blog about film reviews, weight loss and fashion. Your time will be spent battling for back links and power. This will mean that you will be spending more time researching ways to get your blog noticed than writing actual content. This is when many people give up. Are you writing a blog article for traffic? Or are you simply inspired to write

What keywords you use.

Writing is difficult when you are focused on the keywords. I've seen posts with keywords I tried to use but I don't think you can see the keyword in any of them. The reason is that the post was well-written and had a strong title. The keyword itself blossomed like flowers and was fully relevant to the entire post and title. Search engines do not look for the post that has the most keywords. They look for good content that is relevant to the keyword. You don't need to think about how keywords will fit in. Instead, think about how you can make the keyword impactful. This will increase your creativity in writing.

Ideas to write and make a great blog post.

A good post is made of passion, love stories, humor and good ideas. Write for yourself, not Google. Give your writing passion and feel. Do not think about the time or how many people will click on your links and ads. Imagine someone reading through your entire post, and how it will affect their emotions or reactions. You will get more comments if your focus is on the reader and not the money. This will give life to your blog and attract more people. will ensure that you have plenty of ideas for blog posts. You can also grab a keyword from the list and create a post about it if you don’t have any ideas

It takes just one great post.

Let's suppose you have many blog posts but they haven't been getting much attention, readers, or responses. Do not despair or give up. One great blog post can bring many people to your site. Spend your time thinking of something positive and spending some time doing it. Learn how to make your post shine. Save your post to your bookmarks and focus your attention on one post. Don't backlink your blog. Backlink your post. If you feel your other posts are valuable, that post will link to yours.

It is obvious that people search for specific things. Instead, they seek answers, ideas, and compelling stories. They aren't looking to spend any money or click on advertisements or links. Make sure your blog isn't cluttered with ads. You will have a greater chance of making money if you only publish one excellent post and one effective ad. Be sure to realize that you're not trying to make a lot of money. Instead, you want to draw attention to your writing.

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