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How to Rent Mini Storage Units

A small storage unit may be a good option if your garage is getting too full or you're considering moving into a smaller house or office. That's great! They are very well-liked. It is common in nearly every US community. Here are some helpful resources that you can do in order to make your storage unit work for you. These are the storage tips my family has used for years.

Tip One - Keeping your stuff dry.

Use cargo pallets to protect your boxes. The changing seasons and rain are not the reason for this. Concrete floors begin to sweat in spring when temperatures are higher than their concrete floor. When the temperature goes up, concrete floors begin to sweat. You can increase the airflow above and around your stored goods by placing them on pallets. You can also dry everything underneath by placing the boxes on pallets. Allow for air to circulate between the shelves and your belongings.

Tip Two: Keep often used items near your front door.

You should store items that you are likely to use regularly in your storage area. You can endanger your health and waste valuable time going through boxes to find what you want. If you have kids that want everything (like my sons), golf can be a fun activity. My clubs are stored in my storage area when not in use. You can also find them near the entry to my storage unit for when you need them. Get 'em today and you can get started!

The Three-Point Tip

You can check your homeowner's or renter’s policy to see if the contents of your property, whether they are rental properties, will be covered. If there's a natural catastrophe, most mini storage units provide coverage. These units will not be able to cover items that are damaged by poor packing or handling. Insurance can protect your classic car and chinaware collections.

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