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How to Write a Better blog Post

Create a structure.

Before you start typing words on your keyboard, get up and do some "old school" work. You can use a pen to outline your blog post structure. An informal outline is an effective tool to help keep your writing focused. It will also keep your key points at your reader's attention. Here's an example outline. These tips will assist you in this

How to write an excellent blog post (Title).

Instruct others to create a structure.

Write conversationally (paragraph 2).

Add keywords later (paragraph 3)

Additional benefits include the ability to write blog posts quicker by having a structure. Your blog posts will be consistent with the topic and follow a logical path. There is nothing worse than reading a blog post that wanders around in a strange direction. A good idea is to create a outline before you start writing. It will also help you to make sure you cover everything.

This allows you to choose the article's format - is it an overview or a how-to? Do you have enough resources to make your blog post a list article? You won't find it difficult to build a structure, and you will reap the many benefits. If it is easier, you can use it to brainstorm quickly before you start writing.

Write as if two people are talking to each others.

Although it's not going make you appear unprofessional, writing conversationally will not. You'll find it easier to write this way and so will your reader. It doesn't mean you have to write as you speak. But, think of writing the way you would conduct a conversation. There are advantages to writing conversationally.

It uses contractions.

It uses "you" instead "we"/"I"

Grammar rules might be broken. We all know that speech isn’t always grammatically perfect.

Conversational writing makes it feel like the article is speaking directly at the reader. Conversational writing is not only personal but also very effective. This will help you to see your post as a letter addressed to a friend the next time that you write one.

If it helps, begin with "Dear xxx". When you're finished writing, it can always be removed.

Some people find speaking blogs is more effective than writing them. Dragon is a voice-to text software that helps you write in conversation. Voice to speech software records and transcribes your spoken words in order to aid you in writing conversations. It takes some time for the software to learn your accent.

Add your keywords last.

As you write, don't think about keywords. Your keywords should be included in your content so that they can be found organically. However, they shouldn't be required to appear in every sentence and sub-heading. You should always write for readers first, then search engines second. Search engine spiders have never, according to me, spent any money after they read your content. Writing will sound natural and be easy to follow once it is done.

After your blog post is completed, find places where your keywords look and sound natural. Include one in both the title or the first paragraph. This assures your reader they are in the right spot and are reading the right piece. Keywords should never be used to stuff a blog post. Your search engines and readers will be smart. They will know the quality of a blog post if they see it. However, they can also identify rubbish if they read it. A well-written article will always attract positive comments from your readers.

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