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Keep your tiles clean while you potty train your dog

Potty Training a Puppy is an exciting and messy time for pet lovers check this out. To protect your tiles from stains or odors, you must take the necessary precautions. Here are some tips from carpet cleaning sydney to keep your tile flooring clean and fresh as you potty train your dog.

Cleanse enzymes
In order to eliminate stains, enzyme cleaners will break down the protein in urine. Select a cleaner suitable for use on tiles and carefully follow directions. Regularly using an enzyme-based cleaner will help to keep your floors looking and smelling nice, as well as preventing stains.

Resolve Mishaps Quickly
If your dog has messes on your floor, you should clean them up immediately. Use paper towels to blot as much as possible of the urine, then apply an enzyme cleanser. Avoid harsh cleaners like bleach which can ruin tile floors and cause a pungent smell.

Use a wet vaccum
With a wet-vacuum, pet urine can be removed from the tile grout and prevented from seeping in. Use the wet vac to vacuum as much pee up as you can before using the enzyme cleaner. This will help to keep your floors fresh and clean, and prevent stains from forming.

Teach Your Pet to Use a Specific Area
To prevent accidents, you can train your puppy not to use certain areas. For example, a peepad or an outdoor area. It can reduce accidents, making it easier to clean.
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