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LPN Online to RN: 6 months for the Making-the-Leap

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This is an important transition in the nursing field. LPNs looking to accelerate their career can take advantage of a 6 month LPN to RN Program. This will allow them to expand clinical knowledge while opening up new doors in the nursing profession.

Transition from LPNs to RNs: Overview

LPNs work in all types of health care settings - from hospitals to nursing home - and provide essential healthcare. LPNs often aspire towards becoming Registered Nurses (RNs). It allows LPNs to assume a broader range of responsibilities as well as provide more comprehensive services for patients.

Online Learning: A Flexible Solution

Online LPN to RN programs offer flexibility, which is a huge advantage. LPNs have the option to continue their employment while also pursuing their educational goals. It is possible for LPNs to continue their education while maintaining their current employment and family commitments.

Most online programs use asynchronous instruction, which allows the student to work at their own pace. This flexibility is an asset for LPNs looking to improve their careers and not risk their livelihood.

Pathways that are Accelerated

Accelerated curriculum allows for a 6-month program. These programs use the practical and theoretical skills LPNs possess to streamline the learning experience. Curriculum is usually broad and covers topics such as pediatrics or obstetrics.

Transitioning to a new career requires a lot of clinical work. Students will be required to finish a specific number of clinic hours. These can usually be completed at healthcare facilities located in the student's locality. This practical experience helps students thrive as Registered Nursings in a wide range of environments.

Support for Resources

Online courses provide access to an array of helpful resources. Virtual classrooms allow students and teachers to communicate with each other and ask questions. Many online courses offer career services to assist students in making a smooth transition after graduation.

Cost Effective Education

An online 6-month LPN/RN program is more cost effective than traditional programs. Student can reduce their expenses by saving on tuition and other costs, such as transportation. LPNs with income can reduce the cost of their program by working while they are studying.


LPNs wanting to become RNs can take advantage of a six-month LPN to RN online program. It is a convenient and effective option. A combination of flexibility, affordability and convenience offered by online education combined with a accelerated curriculum makes this path a popular choice among those who are looking to move up in the nursing profession. If you want to be a nurse faster or are a LPN working full time with family responsibilities, then this program will help.

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