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Microwave CombinationOvens: A Chef’s Delight

Every professional kitchen has a microwave combination oven. The combination of microwaves and traditional roasting allows the chef to cook dishes faster than using a conventional oven.

We all have used our home microwaves to cook beans and reheat food. And here, we are comparing chalk with cheese. Professional kitchens have a lot more to offer than the microwave combination ovens sold at your local hardware store, continue reading.

They are designed to last years of professional use. They can cook food 4x faster than conventional ovens.

Power Strength and capacity are the keys to success with microwave ovens at high ends around 3000 Watts. We can brown roast, bake and even bake with the convection section of the oven.

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You can now use microwave power in the right sequence which is an important step up in cooking. The ability to quickly cook large quantities of deliciously cooked food. Many of the top combination oven manufacturers have very simple programming options. This allows the chef the ability to just push a switch and deliver consistent quality every day.

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