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Modular Jail Cells, Prefabricated Steel Prison Cells

Precast Cells

The precast system that we use in our correctional buildings has been engineered and is designed to extend the life of your building check my blog. Precast correctional cells offer many layout options, from simple additions and cluster modules to complex designs. It is possible to complete highly complex and unique projects on schedule, within budget. It can be installed in Federal, Local and State prisons as well Military jails.

Front Chase

If the facility owner wants to provide access to mechanical systems without disrupting normal prisoner schedules, then the front chase is an option. This can reduce the size of an entire building.


A facility owner can add an additional rear chase to a precast concrete cell in order to give maintenance personnel access to the mechanical systems without disturbing the daily routine of the prisoners. Each cell row has a rear chase located along the exterior back wall. An exterior wall is used to enclose the rear chase.


Oldcastle Infrastructure’s modular 8-bed dormitory cells provide a flexible option for bed configuration. Domiciliary cells are a great way to confine multiple prisoners in a small space and increase the prison's capacity. Televisions and exercise benches can also be installed in a cell at a lower cost. Separation is made between the sink/toilet and sleeping area. There are precast cells that can be customized. The precast method is faster than traditional construction.

Heavy Duty Modular Steel Cells for Jail

Panel Build's modular jail cells, as well as the welded steel guardhouses that we offer, are all made from a durable metal. It allows for the cells to be stacked, and the weight of the structures can also be supported. Panel Build's jail cells are designed to last. These cells can handle daily use by an entire prison population.

Customize Your Modular Jail Design Using Standard Options

The standard size of most cells is 6ft x 8ft. This is due to the fact most people prefer the most cost-effective solution. This allows the most efficient use of space. Panel Built has modular cells with custom dimensions and different amenities. If your project is highly customized, we will adapt the design for you.

Prefabricated Cells Offer All the Benefits Modular

Panel Build Jail Cell Units can be manufactured at our modular construction facility. Panel Built is able to complete your project in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner thanks to its streamlined production processes. Panel Built's product can be moved from one specialized station to another, putting your project in expert hands.

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