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Pure Water Distillers – The Truth

Let's face the facts. No system is 100% reliable and sure when it comes to water purification - read this. Take purified water distillers as an example. Since long, distillation has been a popular method of providing safe and clean water for household consumption. However, now the discussion has shifted to safe and healthy drinking water. It is not difficult to see why choosing a home water distiller would be controversial. That question may be answered by the truth.

Distillation removes naturally-occurring mineral from water. This process of de-mineralizing was crucial to the success and survival of the printing and photography industry before digital technology.

Pure water distillers that could be used to purify home water were also developed because they were effective in removing bacteria. Remember that this was during a time where the average consumer was not aware of the rising levels of harmful chemical toxins found in our water supplies.

Water-borne bacteria are not the only threat to human health. We also know that distillation is ineffective at removing organic chemicals from our water.

To ensure that they are getting rid of unwanted contamination, those who use purified water distillers must purchase an expensive carbon filter.

A pure water distiller equipped with a carbon filter will ensure that your water is clean and safe. But is it healthy to drink? The controversy surrounding pure water distillers lies here.

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