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Renting equipment to raise money for schools

You should hire website party rentals that will make your fundraiser event a success. We are able to help with fundraising events for any organization, or charity. Our goal is to be a part of the event and make it successful. Party rentals can be a great way to plan your fundraising event. We provide you with the equipment that will enhance your fundraising.


The success of fundraising events is dependent on the entertainment. Hire balloon twisters, glitter tattoo artists and face painters. You can hire as many performers as you want. They are ready and waiting to entertain you. The best performers are guaranteed

Concession rentals

After playing with inflatables, this is an excellent way to let the children relax. Snow cones and cotton-candy are made fresh at the fundraiser, so that both parents and students can enjoy a tasty treat. Hotdog steamers are also included in our concession rental. These treats can be sold at low prices to increase your profits.

Water Play

You can go on a ride in the water if it is very hot. Summer is a perfect time to enjoy slides. There is a wide selection. Dunks tanks are also available. Imagine the excitement and thrill of students trying to dunk their teachers. This is a very outdoor activity.

Game rentals

We offer a variety of games, from basketball and boxing arenas to tossing a ball into a basket. Some games don't require much skill or thinking. Furious Fowl and Gator Gulp are just a few examples.

Carnival Games

These games create a carnival-like atmosphere for your fundraising event. Spill the milk, Duck Pond and Flip a Chick will get children of any age to part with cash. These games will help raise funds for your charitable event.

Rent a slide obstacle course or other equipment.

These are great for both kids and adults. This new inflatable obstacle course is 24 feet long. The course is challenging in all parts, making it ideal for school and fundraising fairs. There are also slides designed specifically for children. They are also great for dry use.

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