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Rug Chronicles: Combating Kid & Pet Chaos

You carpet is probably a victim of all the mess your kids and pets make. It's all there: juice spills and mud paw prints to toy tornadoes. You can create a beautiful canvas with colorful memories. We wouldn't change the joy that they bring us for anything. But it can be a real challenge to our carpets. This is where carpet cleaning Cammeray comes in, allowing households to strike the right balance between playful chaos as well as pristine carpets. Request information.

1. It is important to act immediately.

You've just noticed a stain. Take action now! Don't wait! To prevent spills from setting, blot (don't rubbed!) You'll have to act fast to get it out.

2. Vacuuming: More Than Just A Chore

When it comes to kids and animals, your vacuum will be your best friend. Consider vacuuming several times each week to help remove pet hair and dirt.

3. Children and pet zones carpet friendly:

You may want to consider creating separate play zones, on surfaces that can be easily cleaned. Carpets can still be used, as long as they are in a designated area.

4. Safety Cleaning Products

If you're cleaning near children and pets, it is likely that they will come into contact with the products. Eco-friendly and non-toxic products are best. In doubt? You can ask the carpet cleaners in Cammeray for advice on safe, effective options.

5. Take Protective Measures :

Carpets can also be treated with stain-protectors. These products form a protective barrier, giving you more time to clean up spills.

6. Enjoy Area Rugs and runners:

You can use them for more than just decoration! They are best placed in zones with heavy traffic. If they do get dirty, it's easier to remove them or replace them than deal with a whole carpet.

7. Cleaning Professionals:

You can give your carpets a little pampering every now and again. The professionals at carpet cleaning Cammeray go to great lengths to ensure that allergens and stubborn stains like dirt are removed.

8. Teach and Train

You can never start too early with good habits. Teach children to remove their shoes prior to stepping onto carpets. How about those furry babies of yours? It's important to train your pets. Teach them how to be patient at the door while their paws get cleaned.

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