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SEO Expert: How to Become One

Many people are misinformed about SEO in Sri Lanka. Many people believe that they need to be computer whizzes to get their website to the top of Google. It's not true! If you are willing to work hard, anyone can learn SEO and become a top SEO company in Sri Lanka. Click here for more

Understanding the basics of SEO is important.

Understanding the basics of SEO is the first step in becoming an SEO expert, and one of the top SEO companies in Sri Lanka. It is important to understand what SEO is, how it functions, and why you should care. You will not be in a position to implement SEO strategies that are effective for your website if you do not have a basic knowledge of SEO.

The process of SEO involves optimising a site to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). It involves increasing the ranking of a site on SERPs, and driving more traffic there. SEO's main objective is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic that a website receives through search engines.

Many factors determine a website’s SERP ranking. These factors include keywords in the content of the website, authority of the website, and number of links. SEO is a complicated process that requires knowledge and skill.

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