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The Special Woman deserves this alluring designer fragrance

Do not buy perfumes to be given as gifts more hints. They do not carry a copyright. The secrecy of the perfume industry helps to protect its interest. Because designer and Signature fragrances can be complex, it's very hard to replicate their scent. The actual ingredients can also be difficult to identify, since each perfume has a unique component. Only experts possess the knowledge to distinguish these. Even though most intellectuals can identify the components of perfumes they have no idea how to combine, mix or blend them.

It is not that we do know the difference, but rather that we are not able to tell the real difference. We can be defrauded when we purchase women's fragrances at the original cost and receive a fake.

The counterfeiting packaging and labels of women's perfumes are illegal. The packaging and labels are counterfeited, so we're fooled. Perfume divas have a very keen sense of odor and are able detect imitations from original perfumes.

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