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The Unsung Hero for Sustainability and its Quiet War for World Domination

What about talking about hemp instead? Imagine the following: you're attending a meeting and someone mentions hemp going here. The entire room has been divided. One half believes it is a brand new word for "high" while the other lists its benefits as though they were reading a brochure. Truthfully, both sides are missing the bigger picture.

Hemp can be a good alternative to marijuana. It is quieter than pot. It does not make much noise at family functions. It contains such a small amount of THC that a fly wouldn't be buzzed. Twitter has been more polarized by this plant than any celebrity.

Go back in history. Hemp material was popular in the past. Hemp can be used for many things, such as making ropes to sail ships which discovered new lands or creating paper for independence declarations. It's cool being old school.

Hemp has experienced a renaissance in recent years, but this is not without controversy. Its misunderstood relationship with marijuana has led to a lot of confusion. The 2018 Farm Bill was an attempt to change its negative reputation in the U.S. It gave farmers greenlight to legally grow hemp once again. Those prohibition years were a real loss!

Let's start the fun. What plant can't you do with it? Clothes? Check. What is hempcrete - a sustainable building material? Yup. This trend is also spreading to biodegradable materials and car parts. The hemp battery is expected to become available very soon. Imagine charging your phone by a single flower.

What's that? Hemp is a lot like the friend you have that insists on moving you because they drive an SUV. It is a super green crop that does not require water or pesticides to grow.

Hemp is still being scoffed at because of its connection to marijuana. If "Game of Thrones", a fantasy series featuring dragons, was the only reason you watched it, then you would not watch it. You might think all fantasy series were the same.

Funny thing about hemp: it's not illegal to grow hemp anywhere, but in some countries you can face serious legal problems. This is because people are unable to tell hemp apart from its psychoactive cousins.

Hemp's future is bright, but it will require sunglasses to see. As more people discover the benefits hemp offers, we're seeing real innovation.

These facts will help you join the conversation next time someone brings up hemp in a meeting or elsewhere. You'll either be the most interesting person at the party or have a debate about whether plants will save the environment with your Aunt Karen.

Watch this green marvel, as it plots quietly to dominate the globe - one product and a time.

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