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What is the best storage solution for you: mini-storage or traditional self-storage?

The choice of whether to use Mi Ni Cang self-storage or a traditional facility can seem like a difficult one. It really comes down to your individual needs. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Here are some details that will help you choose the best storage solution for your needs. More help?

It's all about size

Mini-storage is usually smaller than self storage. Mini storage units are ideal if you have only a few things to store like sports equipment, seasonal decor, or just a couple of boxes. Traditional self-storage comes in different sizes that can be used for anything from an entire bedroom worth of stuff to a few seasonal decorations.

Considerations of Cost

In general, mini-storage is cheaper if you have less to store. You'll also spend less because you rent less space. Self-storage spaces that are larger come at a higher cost, but offer you more space.


The accessibility of traditional self storage is often a major advantage. The larger storage units are often accessible by drive up, making it easy to move large furniture and other bulky objects. Although mini-storage units may be less convenient for larger items, the buildings they are housed in usually have good security, and some even offer climate control.

Climate Control

Mini storages are more likely to have climate control. It's essential to have this option if your items are sensitive, such as antiques, electronics or important papers. Self-storage can offer the same feature, though it is less common. It's also more expensive.

Place and Convenience

Mini-storage facilities are usually located in the city, providing a convenient alternative for those who live there. In rural and suburban areas with less space, self-storage is more common.

Security Features

Security is a priority for both mini-storage and traditional self storage, though the particulars may vary. A mini-storage unit is usually located within a large building. This provides an added layer of protection. Some traditional storage units have individual features that are more secure, such as alarms and surveillance cameras.

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