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What is the difference between a manual and automatic coffee machine? Which type should I buy?

You will be aware that not all coffee cups are created equal, whether you're a connoisseur of the beverage or a regular coffee drinker. The taste will differ depending on whether you use a manual or an automatic machine. Although the ingredients are identical - hot water and coffee - the way you make your cup will greatly influence how enjoyable it is. These are the most popular machines and ways to prepare your coffee. More info?

Stir with your hands - This is the cheapest method of making instant coffee. You simply put the coffee into hot water, and then stir it yourself. However, the quality is not good.

Coffee is placed in a basket at the top of this type of drip coffeemaker. The coffee is brewed by passing water just under boiling temperatures through it. It takes four to five minute to do so. It is popular among campers and portable.

French Press (also called coffee plunger) - The French Press is a type of machine that uses water just below boiling point. This type adds coffee grounds to a French Press container and pours water that is just below boiling temperature over them. The plunger should be pushed slowly and firmly after allowing the coffee to seep. This produces excellent coffee. The "coffeeholics'" at the office love this type of machine.

Automatic Drip Coffeemaker (ADC) - The most popular type of coffeemaker on the market. The water temperature is lowered to just below boiling and then evenly distributed over the grounds. Coffee drips are collected in a container below. Many of them are programmable, so that you can sync the brewing with your alarm clock. Models vary greatly and feature features such as brew-strength control, coffee grinder built in, and self-cleaning. The cost can range from a few dollars to thousands.

The pod coffeemaker is a single-serve machine that works in a similar way to an automatic drip coffeemaker, but without the need for guesswork. A pod makes one cup of espresso. The pod can be thrown away in the trash, making it easy to clean. They are pricier than automatic drips.

Espresso machines: These machines use a piston, a steam jet or syringe to quickly push hot water into the coffee. Espresso is the result of pressure-brewed coffee – a strong, thick coffee that has a little foam or crema on top. Costs of espresso machines vary depending on how they are used and their features.

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