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Why is Bed Bug Control Important?

The scientific name Cimex is a common name for bed bugs. They are parasitic insects that are widely recognized around the globe. There are many types of bed bugs. The two species most commonly called "mahogany Flats" or "red coat" can actually be harmful to humans. These tiny vampires are destined to be the most dangerous suckers of human blood. They can live up to a decade and eat human blood regularly. They can be found in your bed, furniture, curtains, and luggage. Beg bugs can be as tiny as a hair or as small as a dust particle. They are hard to see with your naked eye. They can easily escape from one location to the next without being noticed by their victims. Read more now on

In order to avoid unwanted pests in their lodging facilities, such as hotels, apartments and other accommodations, they will have their own bed bug control program. Beg bugs and other pests thrive in dark, dirty and damp areas of homes, orphanages, and other shelters. These little pests can find refuge in places that aren't cleaned up or maintained well.

Annoyance and Problem from Bed Bug Bites

Many people ignore the nuisances caused by bed bugs during their sleep. There are some people who would rather have these pests eliminated immediately. These parasites are a major problem in today's society. Although bed bugs have not been shown to transmit diseases, there are ways to prevent skin irritations and itching caused by the suckers. It can cause emotional and psychological reactions and problems. It can lead to anxiety, insomnia, skin and body itch that could last several days. Itching and the effects it has on the skin can vary from one person to another. It can be very demoralizing to see the scars and welts all over your body from the bites.

Studies and research have shown that these parasites could be a risk factor for asthma attacks and other allergic reactions. Experts discovered that one man with asthma was suffering from a bed bug reaction. His asthma was stopped after his beddings were changed and treated. Bed parasites can also cause anemia in children under 4 years of age. This can lead to serious and even fatal complications. These parasites can cause red welts and scratching that look horrible and disgusting. You can clean bite marks with soap and water. Some bites might require special ointments or a doctor's visit.

It is a serious matter for a bed bug control program to be developed or information distributed to assist in the prevention and elimination of these pests and problems. This is especially true in areas where hygiene practices are often not followed. It is essential to keep your home clean in order to prevent bed bugs from growing. Regular inspections of bedding and other belongings are a must.

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