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Why Paint the Exterior of Your Home?

To most of us maintaining our property's high value is vital to our well-being financially. You can make the most of this by hiring a residential painting contractor who is experienced and has mastered their craft. A fresh, updated exterior can help to increase your home's value. No matter if you are hiring a professional to paint your home or doing it yourself, the preparation is crucial to success. Read here!

Primers should be top-quality. Both pre-painted and unfinished wood will benefit from this. If you don't use primer, your topcoat will not look as good as you would like. According to the siding's type and state, you will need to pressure wash it. You will get rid of the old, flaking paint as well dirt, wasp nests and mildew. Remove any leftover loose paint before sanding your home to get ready for the primer. If you want to remove the mildew, a bleach-based cleaning agent is an excellent option. Mildew inhibitors may be needed if you live near an ocean or in an area where humidity is high. It is important to paint the exterior of your home properly.

It may be necessary to caulk the gaps between bricks and siding. You should use the proper caulking product on each surface. If you do the job right, it is easier than having it removed and re-done. You should check metal parts such as gutters or flashings for any paint that is peeling. Use a strong brush to remove the paint. Primers are also available for siding as well as metal. Acrylics may mildew less than oil, but they still can. It is important to find a way to reduce the mildew in your home.

Masonry presents other challenges. This can happen if your coating is older than 5 years. Applying muriatic, dilute according to the instructions provided on the package can prevent this. As this is an extremely strong acid, precautions should be taken. You must wear safety glasses and rubber-coated gloves.

It will be much easier to clean if you apply masking taping on door knobs, light fixtures or doorbells. While it takes longer, the results will make the extra effort worthwhile. You can also save time by covering shrubs or walkways that are not painted.

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