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Why Paying Someone To Do Your Homework Is Like Baking A Cake With Only Sugar. You Are Short Of Outsourcing Education

Let's take a look at a topic as hot as a jalapeno during a summer afternoon: Yep, you heard me right. This is like ordering pizza and instead of receiving a delicious cheesy treat, you receive an essay on Shakespeare's works or the Pythagorean formula. Sounds appealing? Maybe. But let's chew this over together.

First of all, we have to look at the ethics (or lack thereof) behind this whole operation. Imagine telling Grandma, instead of sweating out your algebra homework, that you paid someone online for the solution to x. Grandma would not be impressed. Why? Because she knows deep down that shortcuts are like baking a sugary cake. They don't turn out well.

Let's look at the real value of paying for someone's brainpower. Quality is unpredictable, just like my Aunt Marge’s mood swings. And that's quite a statement. You could strike gold and receive an A+. But you could also end up with work that looks as if it was written by someone who is distracted.

What if the worst happens? Well, imagine your teacher discovering it (and there's a good chance they will since teachers have an innate sixth sense when it comes to detecting fishy things). This is not just a minor reprimand; you're looking at major consequences. It could mean being grounded for the next solar event or worse -- facing academic penalties.

Why does this exist? Well, sometimes it feels like schools expect us to be superhumans--juggling five essays, three projects, and studying for exams all at once while also remembering to breathe. There's no surprise that some people think of taking the easy path.

Imagine yourself solving that impossible math problem or writing a brilliant essay using only your original thoughts. The feeling of victory. You'll feel better about it than if you find extra fries in your takeout.

It is important to remember that education is not only about grades. You should also learn how to take on challenges and overcome them, even if this means making mistakes along the way.

You'll get more satisfaction from earning the grade you want than by hiring a shortcut. Plus, you'll avoid having to explain credit card charges to parents. "I bought 10 World War II pages" is a strange shopping spree.

Do your homework. While it might not be the most fun thing to do, you can always drink coffee or energy drinks. When you finally graduate, what will your life be like? You will be proud to know that you completed it on your own.

You can take a short nap or read a book first. I am not judging. This chinwag is over. If you decide to pay someone to do your homework, it's up only to you. Just like deciding whether or no pineapple should be on a pizza or what socks will go with sandals. Hint: None. Don't forget that every choice is a costly one, not only in terms of dollars but also in terms of missed opportunities to learn and lessons.

Next time the panic of 2 AM hits, take a few deep breaths. Brew some more coffee (or switch to decaf) and go at it head on. You'll be surprised what you can do. smack in the middle of memories just waiting to be made.

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