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Why you Should get an assessment for substance Abuse

The extent of your drug use can be determined by an assessment of substance abuse.

Over the past few years, "designer drug" dangers have increased due to unregulated, cheap and unpredictable additives wikipedia reference. To determine the type and amount of harm that someone is causing, you can use a substance-abuse assessment. Each drug type has a unique set of negative consequences. This is a quick description on the effects of drugs on users' mental health and physical well-being.

Drug abuse is a common practice among people who enjoy the high they get from using drugs. They alter the chemical make-up of a person’s brain and that is why drugs can cause people to feel different. The brain can be altered by drugs and the user becomes dependent. Addiction is the term used to describe this. Addiction may have serious negative effects on mental health. Drug users can experience anxiety, mania or depression when they use the drug. When drug use negatively impacts emotions and behavior, those who treat the patient tend to focus more on their mental well-being.

Drugs can have an enormous physical impact on users. Impacts will vary based on the substance used and the severity of abuse. Even minor side effects from drugs can be harmful to the body. A drug addict may also experience hair loss, skin rashes, missing teeth and weight gain. Substance abuse tests can be used to determine the extent and effects of drug abuse on the user's health. The assessment can be used for understanding their impact and to begin healing. Drug use can have a serious impact on relationships. Drugs are responsible for the destruction of many families. Drug addicts, who are obsessed with the next high they can get, cause pain and stress to their loved ones. Drug abuse has been known to cause marriages to fall apart, along with friendships and family bonds.

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