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A Brow Lift Can Transform Your Face

Do you suffer from sagging brows, frown lines, or deep straight creases on the forehead? This problem can be addressed by your New York City Plastic surgeon with Brow Lift. It's a technique for rejuvenation that can make you look younger by improving the appearance of your eyebrows. By lifting the lateral part of the brow you can achieve a youthful look check here.

Brow lift is an excellent procedure for patients. There are several reasons why you should choose to have a New York City cosmetic surgeon perform a browlift. Normal forehead muscles are frequently used and that is why crows' feet wrinkles, as well forehead wrinkles, are common among adults. The brow lifting procedure helps to flatten out the wrinkles of the forehead. Side sutures placed at eye-level will eliminate even minor wrinkles. New York City's Plastic Surgeon can eliminate forehead wrinkles, and the crease that runs between your eyes to improve your appearance. The skin can become saggy as a result of aging, sun exposure, and the use of facial expression muscles. In this case, a browlift can remove the extra skin to make your look younger.

New York City's Plastic Surgeons can enhance the appearance of your face by changing it for symmetry. The side sutures need to be placed near the temporal facsia. This strong muscle will grip your skin, preventing wrinkles for as long as possible. This surgery is less likely to leave scars visible as only a few small incisions need to be made under the hairline. New York City Plastic surgeons use a microscopic video to help make the incisions smaller and perform the surgery more precisely and with less risk. Post-surgery infections are rare, but can be treated using antibiotics. In 7 days, you can recover from the swelling and pain with medication.

Your eyebrows begin to decline with age. Edmund Kwan MD's brow lift tightens skin around the brow and forehead to reduce frowning lines and raise eyebrows. The overall result is to give your face a vibrant, youthful appearance.

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