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Wedding Floral Ideas

There are numerous aspects to take into account to create the ideal wedding. From table arrangements to wedding cake designs, every aspect of the day needs to be planned carefully to avoid the possibility of having a sub-par wedding. One of the most critical and time-consuming aspects of planning a wedding is flowers for your wedding day, get the facts!

When many weddings make use of traditional arrangements and bouquets to accent bridesmaids' outfits and wedding dresses, the fact is there are plenty of other, different alternatives for floral arrangements. Here are some different flowers to consider for if you're looking for something unique for your wedding.

Go Rustic

Wedding flowers don't have to be all about elegance and glamour. Sometimes, going for an unpretentious look could be exactly as stunning - as well as more distinctive. You can think about flowers such as wildflowers, succulents, grasses or even fruits and vegetables to decorate your wedding. This will give a more organic feel to your wedding, perfect for the couples who would like the love of their life to surround them.

What better way to add bouquets of dried flowers made from flowers such as flowering sunflowers, roses and lavender to the arrangements? They can serve as accents in your primary arrangements or as part of the unique bouquets which will bring a bit of rustic charm to your wedding.

Flower Crowns

You can think about crowns for flowers as a option to incorporate bridal accessories with your floral arrangements. There are various greenery and flowers to create the perfect colour combination that you want for your special day. Custom-made flower crowns are also available to match any hairstyle, dress, or any other accessories you might be wearing.

Create a Bouquet Tower

To make sure that your flowers are unique for your special wedding think about creating a floral tower that uses multiple flowers and arrangements. It can be created using various types of flowers and greenery to create an incredibly unique design which will have your guests stunned.

There are many ways to make a wedding bouquet arrangement that isn't traditional with anything like wine bottles, flower arrangements or seashells as well as other d├ęcor items. They make a great showpiece on your wedding day and will ensure that your wedding will be remembered for several years to in the future.

Go Modern

Modern weddings focus on modern designs that match the design of the wedding without being too traditional. Consider using floral designs with contemporary floral designs that include the most modern wedding decor as well as flowers such as calla-lilies and orchids. These will give your wedding modern and elegant look, perfect for couples that want to depart from tradition.

What kinds of flowers can make the perfect Non-Traditional Arrangements?

Choosing the best flowers to use for arrangements that aren't conventional will greatly depend on where you are. For example, weddings in the Sunshine Coast of Australia may select indigenous Australian flowers such as waratahs bankias and wattle.

A wedding florist on the Sunshine Coast should be able to meet your desires with flowers from the local area that are in season. Proteas can be found in a variety of bouquets during peak wedding season, which runs from September through May. The roses and the gerberas are on the cut.

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